Law Offices of
Jeannette M. Boudreau

Providing legal services to the creative
and business community

Boud Law

Practice Areas

Business Services

LLC organization
Partnerships and Joint Ventures
Employment Agreements
Contractor Agreements

Entertainment Services

Talent Agreements in Radio, TV,
Radio and TV syndication agreements
Website Development and Protection
Digital Content Licensing and
Distribution Agreements

Intellectual Property

Focuses on protecting legal
rights associated with innovation
Covers a range of case law, from
Copyright, Trademark, Publicity
Rights and more.

Estate Plannng

The means by which your estate
is preserved during your lifetime
and distributed to your loved ones
upon your passing. Wills, Living
Trusts, Powers of Attorney.

About Boudreau Law

Jeannette M. Boudreau

Attorney and founder, has been practicing law since 1980 in the areas of entertainment and business contracts and transactions, and intellectual property matters including copyright, trademark and right of publicity...

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The Law Offices of Jeannette M. Boudreau were established in 1989 to provide legal services to the business and creative community.



Based in San Rafael, California, the practice represents artists, musicians, TV and radio talent, actors, filmmakers, writers, and many other creators.



It is our goal to provide our clients with cost-effective, practical legal services that will support and protect them in the attainment of their goals.